At-The-Helm℠ Instruction

Power Yacht Bridge

A State Boater Education Card is a great start, but it does not begin to tell you how to operate your boat properly. With our exclusive At-The-Helm℠ instruction, we will teach you how to get the most enjoyment out of your boat and the incredible waters that surround us. From a pre-departure checklist to twin screw maneuvering, to gybing the spinnaker, to anchoring, or navigating with your new GPS chartplotter. Our hands-on training is not theoretical—it is on your own boat, in the very waters where you want to be.

We offer a unique, two-instructor “Couple’s” instruction where both the helmsperson and the line handler are instructed by USCG Master Captains to ensure that you can competently and confidently handle docking and anchoring with no yelling or frustration.

We’ll provide personalized, interactive instruction for you and up to three others so your entire family can get in on the action. Call us, and we’ll put together an At-The-Helm program just for you.