Marine Surveying





A Marine Survey is a statement of opinion from a professional marine surveyor about the condition and value of a vessel based upon the surveyor’s detailed first-hand inspection.

Our surveys are performed in accordance with  US Federal Regulations (CFR),  American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC) standards, and the National Fire Prevention Association (NFPA) guidelines. As an  Accredited Marine Surveyor member of the Society of Accredited Marine Surveyors (SAMS) all of our surveys meet or exceed the SAMS  Recommended Survey Report content requirements.

Our surveys are provided as a PDF document including clear, easy to understand information with numerous photos. We are happy to discuss our findings with you as well. Additional high-resolution photos are provided in an online link for six months following the survey.

Whenever you are purchasing a boat or yacht you should always ensure that the purchase agreement and price are contingent upon a satisfactory Marine Survey.


Sample Survey – Sailboat

Sample Survey – Power


Pre-Purchase Survey

Performed as part of the purchase of a new or used vessel, this type of survey is the most complete. It’s a thorough inspection covering every detail affecting the boat’s condition and safety including the evaluation of all onboard systems, structural integrity, the extent of existing problems, and we’ll offer recommendations for upgrades and needed repairs. Ideally, the vessel is inspected both in and out of the water and also during a sea-trial. The Pre-Purchase Survey also provides an estimate of the vessel’s Fair Market Value (FMV) to make sure you don’t pay too much, along with an opinion of its condition and replacement cost.

Condition and Value Survey

This inspection may be required by insurance companies when a vessel is modified, changes ownership, or at periodic intervals to ensure a safe risk for continued coverage. It may also be requested by financial institutions to determine the value of a vessel for a loan or estate valuation. Many aspects of the Pre-Purchase survey are covered, but this survey has an emphasis on potentially hazardous flaws and safety issues and generally does not include a sea trial or haul out. Precise identification of all valuable gear and appraisal of the vessel’s fair market value is always included. For older boats and new policies, insurance underwriters may require a haul out to inspect the vessel’s wetted area and underwater machinery.

Damage Survey

A Marine Damage Survey is used to assess the extent of the damage to a vessel. It may be damage to the hull, the rig, the systems, or a combination of these. The survey describes in detail the damage, current condition, probable cause(s), recommendations on repairs, and validates repair estimates for such work.

Walk-Through Inspection

If you’re considering the purchase of a vessel but can’t get there to see it in person or you would like a second set of eyes to look at it with you, we can perform a Walk-Through. We’ll provide you with a set of photos or even a real-time video conference (Skype, Zoom, Hangouts, Teams, Facetime, etc.) and our initial opinions to help you make your purchase decision.

 Survey Pricing

Our rates are competitive within the PNW market. Please be aware that survey fees can be affected by the type of vessel, location, hull material, age, and condition. Please contact us for a complete quote.

Sea Trial

A sea trial of up to one hour is included in pre-purchase surveys if it is performed at the same time as the survey inspection. For sailboats, the sea trial includes the flying and inspection of a mainsail and one headsail. 

Rig Inspection

Sailboat rigging is normally surveyed from the deck, but (weather permitting) we now offer free drone-based visual rigging examination. Should you wish to have us ascend your mast(s), we are happy to go aloft and survey your rig firsthand for an additional fee.

Fluid Samples

As part of your survey, we are happy to draw oil or coolant samples for a per-sample fee and send them to the lab for analysis. Samples typically take at least a week to turn around but can be expedited for an additional fee (we cannot promise any specific turn-around time, but we can expedite sending these to the lab for analysis.) Please let us know at least 2 days in advance of your survey if you would like us to draw samples.

Payment in full is due prior to the onboard inspection of the vessel and can be made via personal check, electronic transfer (Zelle, PayPal, Venmo, Apple Pay, etc.) or credit card (Visa, Master Card, or Discover cards are accepted with a 3% courtesy fee). 

Survey reports are e-mailed in PDF format normally within five (5) to seven (7) business days after the day of the completion of the onboard inspection. Reports are provided only to the customer of record unless we are specifically requested by that customer to send a copy an additional party. Rush processing is available with two-weeks advance notice, please call for pricing.

Travel East of Puget Sound from Des Moines to Bellingham is included at no cost. Locations outside this area may incur ferry and travel fees.

As licensed USCG Master Captains, we can help you deliver your vessel to/from the yard or to your new location or provide on-water instruction for you on your new vessel. Call us for information.