Pre-Survey Information:

The inspection phase of Pre-Purchase and Condition & Value surveys generally take from 3-4 hours to complete, depending on the vessel and location of haul out and sea trial.  The survey report is emailed only to the client unless otherwise specified within 3-5 business days after the inspection is completed.

To ensure that you receive the most thorough and successful survey, please review the following list to ensure that your vessel is ready:

  • The owner or a representative of the owner (such as a listing broker) must be present for the survey. We cannot start the engine or other systems with expressed permission from the owner or their representative.
  • All unnecessary gear should be removed from the vessel to allow us to access every compartment. Unless explicitly stated, it is assumed that everything on board during the survey is included in the sale and therefore the valuation.
  • Everything that you want to have included in the survey needs to be present for us to inspect, including tenders, canvas, life rafts, sails, trailers, etc. Items not physically present for the survey cannot be included in the valuation of the vessel.
  • The vessel, including the bilge and engine compartment, should be clean and accessible. Your surveyor will not unfasten secured floorboards or panels for access to the bilge, engine, or other systems.
  • If the vessel has any AC powered systems onboard, then shore power must be available to the vessel(ideally while in the water.)
  • Please do not “pre-start” or “warm-up” the engine(s) before we arrive (unless the vessel must be moved in order to facilitate the survey.)
  • Batteries should be charged sufficiently for starting the engines.
  • All required safety gear including PFDs, flares, horn, fire extinguishers, CO detectors, smoke detectors, etc., should be on-board and current.
  • All vessel documentation, including the State Registration Certificate and if documented, the USCG Vessel Documentation Certificate should be on-board and available for inspection.
  • Any major service records should be available for inspection.
  • While we are USCG Master Captains, as surveyors we are not contracting with you for the operation of the vessel. The owner or an owner’s representative will need to be responsible for operating the vessel.
  • Condition and Value surveys (normally for insurance purposes) generally do not require a haul out or sea trial. Please confirm with your insurance agent.
  • If your survey does include a haul out, please re-confirm with the yard for the specified time.
  • If your vessel is wood, please confirm with your insurance agent if they will require fasteners to be pulled and inspected. If so, please contract with a shipwright to be at the haul out to perform the removal. Generally, if fasteners are removed at least a full day in the yard is required to properly replace the fasteners and bungs.
  • If your survey includes a sea trial, please keep in mind that this is not a demonstration ride, it is solely for the verification of the operation of the vessel and its onboard systems. If you would like to have a demonstration ride, please schedule that at another time. While we do require an authorized operator on board for the sea trial, the fewer people on board the better.
  • If you would like us to perform additional services such as drawing oil samples, aloft rig inspections, or additional sail inspections (main and one headsail are included) please consult with us in advance.
  • We do not perform destructive testing such as fastener inspection, core sampling, or stringer coring without explicit permission from the vessel owner. Please consult with us in advance if you are interested in these types of tests.

NOTE: Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, we must respect the social distancing and personal protection guidelines. During the course of the survey we will be opening every compartment and lifting every cushion, so there will be no place on board where you can maintain appropriate distancing. We will ask that all persons leave the vessel during the inspection, and that only the operator, mechanic, and surveyors be on-board for the sea trial. We will debrief you on our findings before we leave the vessel. We will, and we expect that all persons will have and wear face masks when inside the vessel or in close proximity. Thank you for your understanding.

Thank you, and we look forward to surveying your vessel.