2022 Boat Resolutions


Happy New Year, Boaters!

Now that 2021 and the party are over, it’s time to think about resolutions.  It’s also a good time to resolve to give your boat a little attention too. Here are some easy things you can do to make sure that you boat is safe, compliant, and ready for the new year:

  1. Check the bilge pump operation in both automatic (lift the float) and manual (flip the switch) modes
  2. Check the CO and smoke detector expiration dates (typically 5-10 years, printed on back)
  3. Check flare expiration dates (good for 42 months)
  4. Check inflatable PDF inflator valves (instructions inside the vest)
  5. Check disposable fire extinguisher manufacture date on the bottom (good for 10 years)
  6. Check rechargeable fire extinguisher and fire suppression system tags (required annually)
  7. Exercise seacocks (open and close the through-hull valves)
  8. Make sure the holding tank discharge and/or Y-valve are secured closed (required in the Salish Sea)
  9. Make sure the state registration and USCG documentation are on board (including the tender if over 9.9HP)
  10. Check flooded battery electrolyte levels (plates should be covered) and top up with distilled water if needed


You can do these simple things the next time you are checking on the boat. You’ll be better prepared for your next outing, as well as getting fewer “findings” from us in your next insurance survey or (gasp!) USCG boarding.


Thank you for your business and support in 2021, and we look forward to working with you in 2022.


See you on the water!